Preparing For A Bone Density Scan

Women are subject to a lot of medical procedures throughout their life.  One that they need to look at when they get older is a bone density scan.  When a woman gets older the calcium in their bodies starts to add differently than when they were younger.  When going for a bone density scan in Vernon, here are a few tips that you can take into consideration.

What is involved in the test?

bone density scan in Vernon

The test involves you sitting in a machine where a small number of x-rays are sent into your system.  These x-rays will look at your bones and see how much calcium is there.  It will then measure this against your age and lifestyle to see if you are in danger of having brittle bones or other conditions.

What if my test shows something?

If the test shows something it will show that you are going to be at risk of having brittle bones or could be at an increased risk of breaking bones.  If this is found, your doctor will start putting you on calcium pills to see if that will help your condition. 

What to do before your scan

Before your scan you can pretty much do your normal routine.  You can eat breakfast as normal and take any medications that you typically take.  If there are any specifics that you can’t take your doctor will tell you before scheduling the appointment.

Removing any jewelry or body piercings that you may have is necessary.  You don’t want to have any type of metal on your body when going through the scan.  You will also want to avoid any perfumes or other scented soaps.  It is all about having a clean scan.

Wear a general shirt, a tee shirt will do fine.  Also, wear clothing that doesn’t have any metal attached to it like metal buttons or zippers.  From there just arrive to your scan and follow the directions of the doctor.

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