First Day Of Rest Of Life Living As Senior

What is a senior? Age-wise, a senior is usually categorized as a man or woman who has just surpassed the age of sixty and gone on retirement. This is usually the case for most affluent and what are referred to as first-world societies. But it is no way, Jose elsewhere. Nevertheless, rich or poor, for better or for worse, old people, particularly those that have gone beyond the age of seventy, need help. And of the many helpmeets for such folks is that of the new assisted living centers like that are so much different than the old “senior citizen homes” we used to talk about.

Such centers have, perhaps in the last twenty to thirty years or so, become critically necessary in behalf of many folks of senior age. Not only is there their health and wellbeing to take into account, but lifestyles have certainly changed. And this means as well that mom and dad can no longer live with one of their grown-up kids. There simply is no place for them in this 21st century family unit, functional or dysfunctional. And even if there were plenty enough room, no one is going to be around to take full and proper care of grandma and granddad.

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So, what then. What should happen if either one of them should, all of a sudden, get sick. At this age, someone has got to be around to take good care of the old folks in their time of need. But all good and possible now at these senior living centers. It is no longer what it used to be. These are not institutions. In some cases, in some places, if they and their kids can afford it, the old folks really get taken care of as if they were royalty.